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Moving is universally acknowledged as a stressful event. Everyone looks forward to settling into their new home, yet the actual move, particularly packing, can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, there are strategies to simplify packing. Here are some tips to help reduce stress during your next move.

little girl helping packing boxes

Ensure You Have Enough Packing Supplies It’s wise to purchase boxes from reputable Montreal moving companies, as they often allow you to return unused boxes for a refund. Keep around 10 boxes set aside for last-minute items like bedding, clothing, and cleaning supplies. Essential packing materials include sturdy packing tape, packing paper or newspapers, bubble wrap, and markers. You can return any supplies you don’t end up using after the move.

Use a Color-Coding System Assign a different color for each room in your new home (e.g., yellow for the kitchen) and place corresponding colored stickers on the boxes. Put a matching colored sticker on the door of each room in your new home. This will help movers know exactly where to place everything. Consider posting signs in each room to indicate where boxes should be stacked, keeping them out of the way of furniture and walkways.

Pack Items Together Make sure to pack related items together, such as bookends with books, light bulbs with lamps, and extension cords with appliances. For small, detachable parts, use packing tape to attach them to the item they belong to. For larger items like TV cables, place them in resealable bags and tape these bags to the item. Also, having a “parts box” clearly labeled with cables, cords, and miscellaneous items can be a lifesaver.

Start Packing Early The sooner you start packing, the less rushed you’ll feel on moving day. Pack seasonal items and things you don’t use daily ahead of time. Try to live with just the essentials for the last week or two.

Have Cleaning Supplies Ready Prepare a cleaning kit to tidy up your old place after moving out. Clean as much as you can in advance, like kitchen cupboards and windows, and vacuum each room as it gets emptied.

Protect Your Valuables Keep valuable items like jewelry, antiques, and important documents with you during the move. Check your insurance coverage to ensure you’re protected during the move and consider additional insurance if necessary.

Create Personalized Boxes Give each family member a brightly colored box to fill with items they’ll need immediately in the new home, such as toiletries, chargers, and personal items.

Leverage Garbage Bags for Clothes Garbage bags can be an efficient way to move clothes without removing them from hangers. Simply cut a hole at the bottom of the bag, place the hanger hooks through, and tie the bag’s end. This keeps your clothes protected and makes them easy to hang in your new closet.

Use Suitcases Wisely Suitcases, especially large ones, are perfect for transporting bulky, fragile items. Pack a small suitcase with essentials, including toiletries and a few changes of clothes, so you don’t have to immediately dive into unpacking boxes.

Be Mindful of Food Items Try to minimize moving with food to avoid messes. If you need to transport food items, especially liquids, wrap containers securely and transport perishables in an insulated bag.

Moving might never be fun, but with careful planning and perhaps a bit of pizza and beer, it can be less of a chore.

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