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When preparing for a move, safeguarding your valuable and sentimental items like family photos, large artworks, or framed prints is essential to prevent damage such as broken glass or chipped frames. Here’s how to ensure these items are protected during your move:

Early Preparation

  • Start Packing Early: Especially important for staged homes or when decluttering is necessary. Removing personal photos may also be recommended to make your space more appealing to potential buyers.

Packing Supplies and Techniques

  • Choosing the Right Boxes: Utilize mirror or artwork boxes for most paintings, prints, and sculptures. For smaller items, use regular boxes and wrap each piece in newsprint. Larger or more valuable pieces may require custom wooden crates for added protection.
  • Packing Artwork: For large photos and canvas paintings, lay the artwork face down on a piece of bubble wrap that’s double the width of the picture. Securely tape the bubble wrap around the artwork. Choose a slightly larger box to accommodate the piece, seal with packing tape, and clearly mark “fragile” on all sides with a permanent marker.
  • Labeling: Beyond marking boxes as “fragile,” include a description of the art and the room it’s destined for in your new home. This aids in organizing and unpacking.

Loading and Transporting

  • Correct Placement: When loading artwork onto the moving truck, ensure they are placed upright to reduce the risk of damage. Framed pictures fare best when positioned between mattresses, couches, or other secured, cushioned furniture.
  • Special Considerations for Mirrors and Small Artworks: Pack mirrors in the same manner as large pictures, securing any loose hardware. Wrap smaller framed artworks in bubble wrap and pack them standing up in medium-sized boxes, clearly labeled as fragile.

Organizing and Unpacking

  • Room-by-Room Packing: Pack wall hangings and décor items together based on their destination room in your new home. Label boxes with a brief inventory for easy unpacking.
  • Utilizing Photos for Organization: For mixed décor items, consider taking a photo of the contents and taping it to the outside of the box. This visual aid helps with efficient unpacking.

Moving 3D Art and Delicate Pieces

  • Packing Shadowboxes and 3D Art: Wrap more delicate pieces, including shadowboxes, in bubble wrap and pack them vertically. Use soft items like throw pillows or stuffed animals for additional cushioning around these artworks.

Final Tips

  • Avoid Overpacking: Artwork can be surprisingly heavy. Reinforce box bottoms with packing tape and don’t pack too many pictures in one box. Use lighter items to fill spaces if needed.

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