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Ensuring the safe transportation of your cherished items, like Great-Aunt Mildred’s heirloom china or the champagne flutes from your wedding, requires more than just bubble wrap. To prevent fragile items such as lamps, glassware, and delicate decorations from breaking during the move, here’s how to pack professionally:

Proper Preparation

  • Avoid Overpacking: Experienced mover Gary B. from Montreal advises against overstuffing boxes, as this makes it difficult for movers to efficiently load the moving van. He also notes that cardboard boxes weaken over time, so relying on old boxes stored in your basement may not be the best choice for keeping your items secure.

Diverse Box Sizes

  • Variety is Key: While it might seem easier to choose boxes of all the same size, having a variety of sizes makes loading the moving van akin to solving a Tetris puzzle. Smaller boxes are ideal for heavier items, while larger boxes should be reserved for lighter goods. Remember, heavy items should always be packed at the bottom of deeper boxes, with lighter items on top.

Special Packing Techniques

  • Individual Packing for Precious Items: For uniquely shaped or irreplaceable heirlooms, allocate a separate box for each item. Place a blanket at the bottom of the box, then the wrapped item, followed by a pillow on top. Label the box as FRAGILE on all sides to ensure it’s handled with care.

Secure Wrapping

  • Prevent Movement: When packing glasses, cups, and mugs, wrapping each piece thoroughly is crucial. Use two layers of packing paper for extra fragile items to prevent any movement. Stuff hollow items like goblets and vases with crumpled paper, and wrap them individually before placing them in a lined box. Flat items such as plates and picture frames should also be wrapped and placed vertically in a box, with bubble wrap layers in between.

Utilize Specialized Containers

  • Opt for Specific Storage Solutions: Consider using containers designed for particular items, such as partitioned boxes for holiday ornaments or organizers for gift wrap. These specialized storage solutions can go directly into storage, simplifying the unpacking process.

Leverage Plastic Wrap

  • Make Use of Stretch Wrap: Stretch wrap is versatile and can secure shower rods, keep rugs tightly rolled, and seal plastic storage tubs. One handy tip is to wrap dressers, with their contents inside, in packing blankets and then shrink-wrap them for added protection. If using plastic wrap, ensure your moving vehicle or storage space is climate-controlled to prevent moisture damage to sensitive materials.

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