Montreal Moving Blog

As Montreal gears up for the moving season, the spike in demand for movers, unfortunately, attracts scammers aiming to exploit those while relocating. In recent times, more Montreal residents have reported bad experiences with movers, especially those hired through platforms like Facebook or Kijiji, where pretty much anyone with a van can claim to be a professional mover. Surprisingly, even movers tied to well-known national brands have been caught engaging in shady practices.

When you’re on the hunt for reputable movers in Montreal, staying alert is crucial. Think about the traits you’d want in the people handling all your belongings: honesty, respect, and reliability should be non-negotiable. While it’s true that not every moving company in Montreal lives up to these standards, the good news is there are plenty of reputable movers out there. The key is finding one you can truly trust.

Common Moving Scams in Montreal:

  • Bait and Switch with Quotes: A common tactic is offering an attractively low quote only to jack up the price once everything’s loaded into the truck. If you balk at the inflated price, they might refuse to unload your belongings until you pay up.
  • Hidden Fees: While not outright scams, unexpected fees can still hit your wallet hard. Watch out for extra charges for things like stairs, long distances from the truck to your door, big appliances, parking, flat-screen TVs, fuel, mileage, and especially heavy or awkward items.
  • Vanishing with Your Deposit: There have been cases where movers ask for a cash deposit, and then disappear. It’s wise not to pay anything upfront until the move is complete. If a deposit is truly needed, especially during the busy season, insist on paying by credit card for some peace of mind and protection against fraud.
  • Switching Names: Some companies with bad reviews online might change their name to dodge the backlash, making it hard for you to research their track record. Avoid movers that don’t have a strong online presence; building a good reputation online takes time, and fly-by-night operations usually don’t bother.

Avoiding Scams:

  1. Get Recommendations: The best way to find a reliable moving company is through a solid recommendation. Ask friends, family, your real estate agent, or apartment manager for movers they’ve had good experiences with.
  2. Shop Around for Quotes: Aim to get three to four quotes from different movers to compare. Be wary of quotes that seem too good to be true or way above the average.
  3. Check Insurance: Accidents happen, even with the best movers. Make sure the moving company has insurance to cover any damages. Ask about their insurance policy – what’s covered, the deductible, how claims are handled, and the paperwork involved.
  4. Get Everything in Writing: Protect yourself by getting a written contract that details every part of your move, including all charges. Before signing anything on moving day, double-check the contract for any hidden fees that weren’t discussed earlier.
  5. Say No to Cash-Only Deals: If a mover only accepts cash, that’s a big red flag. Reputable movers in Montreal accept various payment methods. In today’s world, accepting credit and debit cards is easy, and any mover that doesn’t offer this convenience might not be worth your trust.

While it’s tough to anticipate every trick scammers might use, being proactive and vigilant can help you avoid many potential headaches during your move in Montreal.