Montreal Moving Blog

Moving across the city is a completely different experience compared to relocating to another province or country. For those embarking on a significant move, starting preparations early is critical. Effective packing strategies, deciding what to discard, and creating a comprehensive moving plan can transform this daunting task into a manageable adventure.

  1. Start Planning Early Long-distance relocations involve numerous steps, making them inherently more complex and time-consuming than local moves. To navigate this complexity, it’s essential to develop a detailed schedule and checklist early in the process. This approach ensures that every task, from decluttering to finalizing moving arrangements, is completed promptly.
  2. Set a Budget Determining your moving budget is a crucial first step in the planning process. This budget will influence key decisions, such as whether to hire a professional moving company or manage the move yourself. Long-distance moves are generally more expensive, incorporating travel costs and potentially higher fees for specialized services. Assessing your finances early on will help guide these important decisions.
  3. Ensure Your Belongings Are Insured Transporting your belongings over long distances increases the risk of damage. The moving industry, while skilled, is not immune to accidents. Statistics indicate a significant percentage of moves may involve some form of claim. Choosing the right insurance coverage—whether full-value protection or basic liability—is a critical decision. Discussing these options with your moving company can help you understand the protections available and choose the coverage that best fits your needs.
  4. Keep Essential Items Accessible It’s not uncommon for delays to occur during long-distance moves. To mitigate the inconvenience of such delays, it’s wise to keep essential items—such as important documents, clothing, and personal care items—easily accessible. This preparation ensures you have everything you need to maintain comfort and routine while awaiting the arrival of your belongings.
  5. Refrain From Packing Food and Liquids Packing food and liquids for a long-distance move is fraught with risks. Non-perishable food items can attract pests, and even well-sealed liquids can leak, potentially ruining your possessions and those of others sharing the moving truck. To avoid these complications, it’s advisable to leave these items out of your moving boxes.
  6. Label Your Boxes Clearly With multiple households’ belongings often transported together in long-distance moves, clearly labeling each box with your name and phone number is a simple yet effective way to prevent mix-ups. This step facilitates the quick return of any misplaced items to their rightful owner.
  7. Familiarize Yourself With the Delivery Window The intricate logistics of long-distance moving mean that moving companies typically provide a delivery window rather than a precise delivery time. Understanding the terms of your contract, especially the delivery window, which can sometimes extend to more than 20 business days, is vital. Preparing for this uncertainty with suitable clothing and essentials can make the wait more comfortable, especially if unexpected delays arise.

Choosing a reliable Montreal moving company is essential for a smooth long-distance move. Taking the time to research and select a company that you trust can make all the difference. With careful planning and the right support, your moving adventure can be a positive and exciting transition.